Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Karoo Kombuis celebrates 10 years of food and fun

- Ailsa Tudhope -

On the first of May it will be ten years since three South African Airways cabin crew came into land at the Karoo Kombuis in Deurdriftstraat to cook the most delicious Karoo lamb in the world.

Ten years during which Denise, Theunis and Michael have played host to many tourists and loads of locals, officiating at countless birthday and wedding anniversary celebrations and evenings of jollity. Patrons return again and again for delicious meals from their well-tested menu. Nothing has changed much over the years, since they hit upon an ideal form-ula from the very beginning: wonderful food, excellent service and just a touch of lunacy.

Patrons from the early days will recall Denise informing us that there might be a slight delay because the cook was having a nervous breakdown, moments later Theunis would emerge from the kitchen with a hand raised to his brow to declare that all was well and that Denise’s earrings weren’t regulation and she was grounded. Denise’s hair has remained mainly pink - with occasional forays into other areas of the spectrum. Then there was the brief interlude when Michael and Theunis insisted she wear a turban in the evenings since her hairdresser had given her a VERY short trim.

Over the years Chris Hare and Jill Gordon-Hogg have been guest dessert-makers at times and JP Meyer and Louis van Brackel lent a hand at serving and dishwashing. Maria Hendricks has been the kitchen manager since the Karoo Kombuis doors first opened.

Besides their hospitality and good food, the Karoo Kombuis crew became known for their wild and woolly hat collection. When the mood was right, out came the hats and patrons found themselves crowned with just the right headgear. Such is the Karoo Kombuis’ reputation that tourists have been known to visit Prince Albert specifically to enjoy a meal there. Bookings are essential.

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, Denise, Theunis, Michael and Maria. Long may you continue to serve your tasty meals and entertain us with the pleasure of your exceptional company.

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