Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Christian Perspective

- Ailsa Tudhope -

We tend to associate the Prince Albert Town and Olive Festival with the olives which thrive in our district, yet there is another, vital image from the olive tree which lends itself to our town: the olive branch as a symbol of peace and friendship.

As you join in the Festival we extend the olive branch of friendship. This is a busy, noisy, fun-filled occasion. Our senses are aroused by music and the chatter of the crowds, the delicious smells floating on the smoke from braai fires, the colour filled streets, creative stall-holders and enthusiastic patrons. Actors and artists, story tellers and expert speakers entertain and inform. There are a hundred and one things to see and do. We pray that during the Festival you will enter a space where you can relax and enjoy the activity, the buzz and the fun of the fair.

At other times of the year Prince Albert extends the olive branch of peace. The village becomes a quiet haven where the sun warms your back, tranquillity warms your heart and peace warms your soul. We invite you to come back and experience this harmony.

May the peace of the Great Karoo be yours …
the peace of gentle morning
of sun-warmed day
of rustling evening breeze
of star-filled night …
may the peace of God fill you
and make you whole

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