Monday, March 31, 2008

My Christian Perspective

- Dawn Viljoen -

Easter is over for another year. But we must always remember that without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christianity would have been a long-forgotten religion. His principles touch our hearts, stimulate our thoughts and are an inspiration to innumerable charity organisations.

But the same things may be said of other religious leaders. What makes Christ unique is not only the inspiration that may be drawn from His doctrine, but He Himself.

He courageously went forth to meet death, and conquered it. He came back from the dead and met His disciples under different circumstances and promised to be with them always.

It is the living Christ that reigns in the lives of a multitude of people in a new millennium. They have dedicated themselves to Christ and their worship of Him is a personal matter to them, not an organisational issue, a religious teaching or a dogma. They meet Him daily in quiet seclusion and are always aware of His Living presence.

These people may be unable to give a clearly theological explanation of their faith, but in their inner being they know that Christ lives, that He loves them and has made them His property. No one will undermine their faith that the risen and glorified Saviour lives and reigns in their hearts and lives.

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