Monday, March 31, 2008

Prince Albert’s A – Z Directory launched

- Sally Arnold -

The Prince Albert business women’s forum has realised a long awaited business tool for the town's consumers and suppliers alike. With the first free edition (distributed in 500 free copies around the entire town) of the Prince Albert A – Z Directory of Services, a platform has been created where shop owners and service providers will now be able to place a boxed ad for R25.00, or remain listed with basic information. Modelled loosely on the free info leaflets available along the Garden route and in Oudtshoorn, this first for Prince Albert will offer you a handy overview on where to find a snake catcher, how to call the fire engine in case the snake has set fire to one of your trees, and which doctor or herbalist to call should the snake have harmed your personal health in any way!

Indeed, life in the Karoo presents us with the most unusual circumstances. Red Roman catchers and Tortoise Lifesavers are not yet listed. However, you will find more mundane, but highly useful, info such as babysitters’ telephone numbers, those of much in demand handymen and house painters, bakeries, lawyers and similar. New for some residents may be the fact that one can now engage a personal trainer, book ballroom dancing lessons, hire a rental car or take your loved ones for a photo shoot session with one of the town's experienced photographers. Though this first print run may not be fully comprehensive, it aims to give a broad outline of services offered and also includes a sneak preview of those hard to get numbers not even Telkom's directory has listed. The women’s business association welcomes all corrections, more useful info on new services offered and hopes the A - Z will go from strength to strength. The brochure encourages the spreading of business details reflecting the economic stability and growth of Prince Albert and will be funded by ad revenue and donations to the non-denominational, non-political business women’s association.

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