Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Christian Perspective

- Lorna Verran –

A s Christians we should ask ourselves the following questions:
Who created me?
Whom do I ultimately trust?
Whom do I look to for ultimate truth?
Whom do I look to for security and happiness?
Who is in charge of my future?

Our answers give us good indications of where God features in our lives. This reality check leads us to the FIRST and SECOND of the Ten Commandments where God commands that we should “Worship no other gods” and “You shall not make any idols”. Obedience to these commands creates a balance in one’s life and everything takes its rightful place.

A god is not an idol of wood and stone but is whatever people put first in their lives i.e. takes the place of God. In a subtle way, many of us worship other gods by building our lives around something other than the one true God. We need to recognize this and change our focus. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matt.6:33

There are SO MANY values we can allow to become gods to us. Wealth, identity, work, power, popularity, possessions, pride, appearance, intellect, knowledge, self-sufficiency and even food can become gods when we concentrate too much on them for meaning, security and dependence. No one sets out with the intention of worshiping these things. But by the amount of time they occupy in our lives, they can grow into gods that ultimately control our thoughts and energies and creating a dependence on them. Should we reach times of crisis and desperately call out to these “gods”, there will only be silence. They can offer no true answers, no guidance, and no wisdom. Or should any of these gods be taken from us only an empty shell is left.

Rather invest your life in the living God whom you can never lose – and is all you can take with you one day. So let us begin the New Year by giving God central place in our lives.

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