Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zwartberg Runners Look to the Future

- Brian Modra -

Zwartberg Runners had a busy holiday season, organising fun runs for the December Children school holiday programme sponsored by the Municipality.

The runs were well-attended by youngsters of various age groups, who were encouraged to keep on exercising and to believe in their own abilities. Terry Barnato reminded the young participants that one of South Africa’s top rugby referees, Jason Jaftha, was a Prince Albert boy, who started his career at HoĆ«rskool Zwartberg.

Zwartberg Runners will be hosting an Open Day on Friday, 6 February, from 3pm at the Lazy Lizard. New and current members will be able to sign up or find out more about the club.

Terry Barnato, the club’s chair, told the Friend: “We'd love to see our membership grow. Zwartberg Runners is all about enjoyment, so if you are a budding athlete, a marathon runner, or you simply like to walk, or if you just enjoy the social side, then you will fit in well in the Zwartberg Runners.”

“There is no pressure on anyone to participate and your level of involvement can even be very casual. We also like to be involved in the community, and are open to suggestions about what we can do.”, she said.

The club is gearing up for its second Swartberg Half Marathon and 10km to be run on 16 May. Fund-raising raffles were held at the end of last year, in which two Christmas hampers were the prizes. The R2.00 raffle was won by Megan Lottering and raised a total of R388.00. Sandra Esterhuizen won the R5.00 raffle, which raised R2030.

Zwartberg Runners would like to thank all the sponsors for their contributions towards the two hampers: Bergwater, SoetKaroo, John Southern, National Garage, Spar, Lah-Di-Dah, Prince Albert Country Store, Lazy Lizard and the Zwartberg Runners Committee.

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