Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well done, Josh

Josh Fodor (right, front) is the latest Prince Alberter to be accepted at the prestigious Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology (CAMST) in Cape Town. Josh, who is now in Grade 10 and is a graduate of Hoƫrskool Zwartberg, joined fellow-Prince Alberters Johndry Miljiet, Sharon Abrahams, Shaldine and Shaldo Sass, and Angelo Roberts at CAMST at the start of the new school year. The Western Cape Department of Education established CAMST in 2004 to provide specialised schooling for learners with the potential to excel in maths, science and technology.

It is part of a broader strategy to increase the numbers of learners matriculating in these subjects and help overcome the desperate shortage of much-needed skills in South Africa.

The Government announced recently that we will have to import 35 000 skilled foreigners to address the growing skills crises.

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