Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farewell Cynthia!

- Ailsa Tudhope -

Early October saw several luncheons and tea parties where Cynthia Cory was wished God-speed as she set out on her next adventure – life in Mossel Bay.

Cynthia and her late husband, Jack, moved from Swaziland to Prince Albert in 1992.Cynthia told the Friend that at that time they were the first pukkah "English"toin the town and were warmly welcomed and embraced by the community.Clow-Wilson first met Cynthia when she found herself hospitalized during her first the week in Prince Albert. A very concerned Cynthia arrived at the hospital to make sure the “English lady” was coping in her Afrikaans surroundings.

Soon Cynthia had joined the Vroue Landbou Vereeniging (VLV), become a member of the Thursday Group and, later, the St John’s English services had their basis in her lounge, where the Fellowship group used to meet. These services led to the buildings being restored and the garden established, to the growth of the English-speaking part of the congregation and its work in the community. Over the years the townsfolk have been amazed at and drawn in by Cynthia’s enthusiasm and dogged determination to get things done.

During these years Cynthia’s life has been visited by joy and sorrow. It was here that she lost her dear husband and her son. Many in the community were able to stand with Cynthia during the sad days and to experience her support and comfort when they faced similar losses and challenges.

Cynthia, the people of Prince Albert are going to miss you, but we send you forth with our love and our blessings.

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