Thursday, October 30, 2008

Restoring its Crowning Glory

Work is well underway to restore the distinctive parapet moulding, the crowning glory, on Number 97, Church Street. And what is more, there is a plan to return the elaborate woodwork to the veranda of this c.1860 Karoostyle building. The floral fretwork under the veranda roof at either end has already been crafted and restored to the original design.

The building was recognised by Helena Marincowitz as a fine example of Karoostyle architecture and included in her book: “Karoostyle – Folk Architecture of Prince Albert and Environs” published in 2006 (available from the Fransie Pienaar Museum). She described the building as follows:

“Een van die mooiste Karooboustyl hui-se (c.1860) in Prince Albert, is geleë op die hoek van Kerk en Crosbystrate. Hierdie geskiedkundige Karooboustyl huis het bekend gestaan as Langner se huis.” (Helena Marincowitz)
Lance Speirs and his wife, Kerri, are the current owners, who have recognised the value of restoring this significant example of Karoostyle architecture.

As the town is discovering¸ Lance puts energy and commitment into his considerable skill as a craftsman, and there is much to be grateful for that he is undertaking this demanding task.

Apart from the parapet, photographic records which exist show a unique design for the veranda woodwork, and Lance sends out an urgent plea to anyone who can assist with more early pictures taken of this house.

Any help with old photographs would be greatly appreciated or any leads as to the original design of the fretwork (broekielace).

Enige kopieë van foto’s van hierdie huis, (Kerkstr 97), of enige leidrade van die oorspronklike “broekielace” ontwerp sal waardeer word.

Contact/skakel : Lance 084 473 3155.

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