Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brett the Vet - Chimes of Passion

Wild animals wild evoke an enviable yoke of freedom and beauty, where sacred duty and wisdom reside with pride. Man’s love for wildlife turns to hate when he alters their fate, aims to maim and captivate their spirit innate. The domestic animal no longer functions alone in the natural world, but needs our proximity, aware of humans who care. Their attachment to us is love. Actually demonstrated by soulful glances to glaring advances love dances, and it’s not always a tango!

Adoring and devoted is the canine nation without explanation, beyond imagination in every situation of misuse there is no excuse: to abuse a dog’s trust will summon disgust.

To caution a mention the capricious attention of all knowing cats distracted in acts all that nonsense, hence fire is better known as cool. Let slip the drool: kindness can be so cruel.
For all favour friendship and fondness from donkeys and horses enduring the forces of gravity midst greed and depravity. Strapped and whipped yet equipped with means for extremes of nightmarish scenes.

Behind desiring and jealousy bull, lies ardour outside the parlour.
Gracious generosity displayed by cows without appeal, abducted babies for veal; and then squeezed to make cheese and custard with ease.

Group sects express tenderness and sensitivity of sheep so meek; send lamb to the slaughter, both son and daughter.
Water tight sheer delight ducks taking flight to pond fondly fluffing their signs with laughter in lines.

Refined in a fashion the purple-eyed passion of peacocks parading, evading mundanity, framed for posterity before a kaleidoscopic fan.

Thwarted motherly instincts haunt hapless hens enduring perpetual daily labour over an egg.
Gregarious pigs rigged by crates and gates, awaiting their mates, trying to relate warmth and affection.

Warm-hearted banter proffered by geese used for feathers and grease even spoke as they choke on feeding pipes no gripes plucking down stripes.
Cherishing habits of rabbits in fences losing touch with their senses, cosmetic expenses.

In living memory was an age where people engaged with creatures caged and free, never to be blamed for shamed husbandry. Now factories abound with the sight and the sound of animals in distress living bound and blighted with love unrequited.

The mindless mechanizing of our domestic animals in recent years amounts to maltreatment which is done out of a lack of love, indifference towards them, and trivialisation of their lives. The alienation from their natural instincts becomes the real source of ailments and disease in animals, which in turn affects mankind.

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