Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Municipal Manager

- Linda Jaquet -

Juanita Fortuin is Prince Albert’s new Municipal Manager. She is due to take up her position in the next two months. Ms Fortuin is currently a senior official in the Provincial Department of Local Government and Housing in Cape Town, where she is responsible for Governance and Integration. Her portfolio includes the areas of Integrated Development Planning and Intergovernmental Relations, as well as Municipal Support and Capacity Development.

Ms Fortuin will take over from Dawid Rossouw, who has been Acting Municipal Manager for over a year. Rossouw came out of retirement to fill the position following the resignation of Newton Wicomb in August 2007.

The Municipal Council has yet to appoint the Community Services Manager. We understand that the hung Council could not reach agreement on the recommended candidate and that the post is to be re-advertised. The Acting Community Services Manager, Edwin September, will apparently continue in the position until it is filled.

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