Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zwartberg Runners News

- Terry Barnato -

Six o’ clock in the morning, to the strains of “Chariots of Fire,” saw five Zwartberg Runners on the start line of the Cango Half Marathon. The sixth runner, Tracy Swanepoel had already left an hour earlier on the buses that would take the marathon runners out to the start at the Cango Caves. They would run the 42.2km back into Oudtshoorn, joining the 21.1km runners for the last 8km to the finish line.

The morning was cool and fresh and the run headed out of town, taking the runners on a dirt track through some of the rural area around Oudtshoorn, before turning back to finish at the Military Base. Our runners finished well, in that they were all happy with the effort they had made!

The finishing times were:
Brian Modra 01.49.59
Terry Barnato 02.12.15
Juliana vd Westhuizen 02.19.04
Sandy Bower 02.19.09
Charlotte 03.01.03
Maruschka Erasmus 03.01.05

Tracy Swanepoel 04.37.50
like these can be very enjoyable as all along the route there is encouragement from other runners, as well as the folk manning the marshal points and water stations. Somehow, it is easier to run these longer distances in this way than during everyday training.

Zwartberg Runners will be at the start line in Oudtshoorn again on 4 April at the KKNK, where a 21.1km run is offered, as well as a 10km race. We hope to take some of our Hoërskool Cross Country runners and see what they can do! Anyone wanting to join us is welcome! Just come and let us know.

The Cross Country at Hoërskool Zwartberg has begun very well. We have had a record attendance of 36 young runners whose enthusiasm has not diminished.

We have lots to offer these young folk in the line of competitions this year including our own event on 16 May. We are glad for their enthusiasm and we hope that these weeks will instil in them a love of running and keeping fit. We wish them good luck!

If anyone would like to join the Zwartberg Runners you can contact Janet or Terry at 023 5411 462 or 072 331 9354.

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