Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Christian Perspective

- Renee Finn -

Eight of us from different denominations recently spent a week in daily retreats at St John’s Anglican Church. Every day, we each had a one hourly period with our Christian Spiritual Companion in prayer and meditation.

The theme of the retreat was “Come, and see”, the words spoken by Jesus when He was asked by two of John the Baptist’s disciples: “Teacher, where are you staying?”

Those, who had misgivings about their first retreat, found all such feelings dispelled after the first day with their Companion, as we were made to feel very comfortable in their presence.

Our Bible readings took on new meanings for us and we shared our lives and longings in complete trust. We were encouraged to spend time in the “Tea Room” and become creative in the “Art Corner” with soothing music in the background. It was also an opportunity to share time with our fellow “retreatants”.

I can really recommend this “daily dose” of spirituality and would like to quote from our daily prayer – “Allow surface things to fall away. Let your spirit meet the infinite love of God.”

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