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Letters - Briewe

Where are they now?

I am trying to trace descendants of Peregrine Osborn and Elizabeth Bridget Joynt.

Their eldest child, Stephen Osborn Joynt, was born in Zeekoegat, Prince Albert, in 1847. Their children all seem to have been married in Oudtshoorn.

I would be very happy if any of their descendants still living in the area could contact me.
My postal address is P O Box 1834, Noorsekloof 8331.

Thank you

Val Wild

Waar is die Ambulanse van Prince Albert?

Waar is die ambulanse van Prince Albert as ‘n mens hulle nodig het? Op 12 April was daar ‘n baie siek meisie, Maria Jantjies, (my suster se kind) vanaf Kaapstad op die trein op pad huis toe. Maar sy het nie die huis gehaal nie. Sy het op die Prince Albertweg stasie gesterf weens die vertraging van die ambulansdiens. Die kinders wat by haar was het die ambulans by ons plaaslike hospitaal drie of vier keer geskakel. Die skakelbord het net musiek gespeel en hulle het my gebel en gesê ek moet die ambulans bel. Ek het ook geen antwoord gekry nie.

Daarna het ek die hospitaal weer gebel. Die verpleegster op diens het gesê ek moet weer die ambulans bel, want hulle vat lank voor hulle antwoord. Ek bel toe weer maar kry nie antwoord nie en bel toe die Polisie.

Die Polisie het gesê hulle sal die ambulans soek en stuur, maar ek moes ‘n nommer laat wat hulle kon kontak op die toneel. Net na die polisie opgetree het, bel my skoondogter om te sê dat Maria gesterf het.

Ek het omstreeks 6nm begin om die ambulans in die hande te probeer kry. Die Polisie het 8nm by die stasie aangekom en daar lê die meisie op die grond, twee ure na ek die ambulans en die Polisie gebel het. Sy sou seker maar gesterf het maar ten minste by haar ma se huis of in die hospitaal ... as die ambulans betyds was.

My stelling is “Waar is die ambulans as ‘n mens dit soek?” Hulle antwoord nie eers die telefoon nie. Dan moet ‘n mens eers doodgaan voor hulle opdaag.

Dit is iets verskriklik!!!!!

Mev A Willemse
(Die brief is om hoflikheidshalwe aan die Wes-Kaapse Provinsiale Minister van Gesondheid en aan die Direkteur: Mediese Nooddienste, Wes-Kaapse Departement van Gesondheid gestuur.)

The Blue Gum Project

During the past year I have often wondered what has happened to the youngsters, Willem Strydom, Jaco Stalmeester, Jacobus Murphy, Leon Kamfer and Jeffrey Armoed who under the guidance of artist Richard Forbes carved up or should I say, messed up our “Burghers of Prince Albert”.

Were the three or four weeks’ training they received during that time sufficient to enable them to fend for themselves and be creative artists? Forbes stated in his article in the February 2007 issue of the Prince Albert Friend:

“My intention was and is …. To train these people so that they are their own engine and therefore in control of the outcome of their futures.”

Has this vision of his been realised?

Can somebody please let me know whether these youngsters are able to use the skills obtained in this training project in their everyday lives? I would also like to know what became of the equipment which was purchased for the project. A lot of money was spent by ABSA, the sponsor of the project, of which about 60% left the town in the pocket of Richard Forbes.

When all has been said and done, I can’t help wondering whether the Local Council’s decision to allow the tree stumps to be carved up was not a short sighted one. Was it really a worthwhile project for the whole community through which our town lost the natural beauty of our beloved five Blue Gum tree stumps forever?

Lydia Barrella

Eat Your Heart Out Sunday Times!

I wonder how many readers are aware that the 2008 Festival edition of the Prince Albert Friend broke the record for the largest edition ever with a total of 44 pages (52 pages if you include the festival programme).

I am told that the issue also exceeded the number of pages for a newspaper and in fact, qualified to be called a magazine!

Very well done to all concerned … and watch out and eat your heart out, Sunday Times!!

John McKenna

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