Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hat and Tennis Tournament

- Rebekah, Sandy and Caleb Swanepoel and Christopher Mullins -

Hoërskool Zwartberg and Albert College players ended the first term with a rather different sort of tournament. A high school and junior school player had to pair up to play doubles matches.

Sandy noted that “there were some really good teams and then there were also some less than even teams,” but, according to Rebekah, “everyone had fun.”

Juffrou Lola and Juffrou Jennifer decided upon a very interesting theme for the day, the players all had to decorate the hats they would wear. Prizes would be awarded for the tennis and the hats.

According to Christopher: “The hats were crazy!” Caleb was particularly impressed with the miniature tennis rackets which decorated the brim of Juffrou Jennifer’s version of an Australian outback hat. Juffrou Lola wore a fishbowl, complete with fish, on her hat. Rebekah Swanepoel and Nina Vermeulen won prizes for their creations. Rebekah’s was a colourful cap decorated with folded paper and beads. Nina wore a witch’s hat, like Liewe Heksie.

As for the tennis: the unusual pairs had to really concentrate because they weren’t used to each other’s games and that was great.

Each pair played three matches and the prize-giving was most amusing, with prizes for the smallest player (Drieska), the last to arrive (Alroy), the most laid back (Joshua) and the team who came last (Matthew and Rebekah).

Everyone enjoyed a Coke and we look forward to more serious and fun-filled tennis later in the year. Special thanks to Juffrou Jennifer and Juffrou Lola.

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