Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learners are Sunday Times Fans

- Jowene Willemse & Kirshinie Scheepers, Grd 6 -

One of the skills you have to learn in Grade 6 English (Second Language) is to write a letter. What better way to learn this than to write to The Sunday Times? All the Grade 6 learners wrote letters and Mr Steyn posted the huge stuffed envelope.

We never really expected an answer so we were very surprised when one day a huge box arrived at our school. Inside the box was a book bag, a spaghetti pencil and a membership card for all the Grade 6 learners – over 120 of us! We also received some lovely books.

If you read The Sunday Times Magazine you will have seen our photo in the 3 May issue. We love reading and if you have finished reading your Magazine we would love to have it. You can drop it off at Spar or at the Library. A big thank you to Mrs Connie Delport at Spar who always saves the surplus Magazines for us.

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