Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yes, You Can Collect-a-Can!

Hoërskool Zwartberg has entered the annual Collect-a-Can competition. The competition that runs throughout the country and serves two purposes for us. One is to raise awareness with regards to pollution and the environment, and the other is, yes you guessed it: to raise some money!

We collect food and beverage cans, such as Coke, Beer, Redbull and Appletiser cans.

Our tins get transported to AAA recycling (registered agents of the project) in Oudtshoorn, where they get weighed and the data is forwarded to Collect-a-Can head office.

There are various cash prizes awarded to the schools that manage to collect the most cans at the end of the year. To receive one of those prizes would be a wonderful boost to our mighty fundraising figure that we need to earn this year.

We appeal to anybody that is interested, individuals, but also restaurants and coffee shops to collect their cans in a separate bag for us. It will cost you nothing, only a phone call to let us know that you would like to join!!

Many people in our village support us all the time, we appreciate it tremendously! It is understandable that it gets a bit much at times, but in this case, it is only tins that we are looking for and it is a positive thing to do for our environment.

If you would like to join us, start collecting straight away and contact one of the following to arrange for your cans to be collected:

Sharon Witts Hewittson on 023 5411474 (after hours only) or
Imke Maeyer on 023 5411184

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