Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water Users Assocation

Hittegolf toestande raak Prince Albert nie regtig nie

Ten spyte van een van die warmste somers in onlangse tye het die watervloei in die voor aan die einde van die verpypte deel deurlopend bo 55% gebly wat ‘n aansienlike verbetering is op wat in die verlede ervaar is.

Now that the contractors have withdrawn from the piping project it is hoped that the teething problems that were experienced have largely been eliminated and that the town can look forward to better water efficiency because leakages and evaporation have been eliminated.

After the hiccup that was experienced when the contractors diverted the water flow in the furrow and the town experienced a brief water shortage in January, the situation is greatly improved. According to a spokesperson of the Municipality the implementation of the new system has meant that the town’s dams have remained well over 75 percent full despite the heat and the increased usage.
Hierbenewens is dit bemoedigend dat die stand van die dorp se boorgate na instelling van die nuwe waterreëlings goed gebly het en hulle slegs teen ‘n baie lae tempo gepomp is. Die waterbeperkinge wat ingestel is dra ook by daartoe dat die dorp se damme vol genoeg bly ten spyte van die erge hitte.

Draft rules relating to water turns

Many new property owners in Prince Albert seem to have difficulty in understanding how water turns work. To address this concern the KWUA is in the process of developing a set of “water turn rules”. Comments on those rules and suggestions for further inclusions would be welcome. The preliminary rules provide as follows:

A water turn is registered in respect of a particular property for a particular time and may only be taken on that property during that time.
No changes to water turns may be effected without the prior written approval of the Management Committee.

  • Must not leak;
  • Must be locked both during and outside of registered water turns;
  • Must be placed in the furrow and removed from the furrow by the owners.
  • Property owners are primarily responsible to ensure that they receive their water turn.
  • No property in respect whereof a water turn is registered may be transferred without all outstanding water levies having being paid.
  • It is a criminal offence to put garden or other refuse in the furrow.
  • Accesses to properties that cross over the KWUA water furrow must comply with the applicable regulations a copy of which may be obtained from the Management Committee.

Kallie Erasmus, Vice-Chair, Kweekvallei Water Users Association

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