Sunday, November 11, 2007

Basson Art Centre News

- Christine Thomas -

A group of enthusiastic children attended Art and Craft classes at the Basson Centre behind the Museum this term. A big thank you to all who helped run those classes: Lorna Verran assisted me with the drawing and painting sessions; Anne Whitton and Eleanor Petersen made pot holders for the children to paint using flour paste to create the designs; Sandra Meyer introduced the group to decoupage, and they decorated coasters with gay colourful butterflies and made pencil holders out of tins – all useful items that no doubt the children will either use themselves or give to friends and family as gifts during the festive season.

Elsabé Abrahams, a Swartberg High pupil, who is keen to take up teaching as a career, attended all the classes, first as an observer and participant and latterly as a student-teacher. We are all agreed that she has a remarkable talent in handling the children, who are very fond of her.

As the last and first terms of school are busy times for the children, and the summer heat has to be considered, classes will stop at the end of October and start again at the beginning of the second term of 2008.

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