Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Kevin Hough Gallery

- Brett Bard -

Compelling restoration of the old cinema building at 55 Church Street will culminate in The Kevin Hough Gallery opening on the 1st February 2008.

Contributing to the development of a distinctive vision for the town, entrepreneur John Southern recently purchased the property with the intention of recreating the original dimensions, making it a multipurpose, spacious hall.

This gesture will enhance the attraction of Prince Albert as a cultural and historic Karoo landmark. Local artist Kevin Hough has been invited to open a gallery to display and sell his metal sculptures. The hall will also be made available for other activities including film screenings, meetings, and events.

Kevin Hough is a part of the creative identity of Prince Albert. Everyone will be aware of his witty interpretation of old farm implements into bicycles. This has been his way of preserving a heritage.

Kevin’s multifarious artistic talents will now be brought to a wider public with the gallery inauguration.

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