Thursday, January 31, 2008

New proposals for Prince Albert Airfield

- Linda Jaquet -

Prince Albert’s airfield has been in existence since 1958. It has been inactive for some years, but there are now interesting plans to attract small plane activity and tourist flights to the town.

Anders Paulsson, a regular visitor to Prince Albert from Sweden, who is a commercial flight commander, and Sally Arnold, a local resident, spoke to the Friend recently for help in getting the opinions, suggestions and support for their ideas from all interested town’s people.

Sally told the Friend: “We share a vision of a working airfield as an asset to the town, contributing to the tourism industry, providing business and educational opportunities and creating jobs.

Our proposals include tourist flights, flight introduction for would-be pilots, possibly an international flying school and charter services.”

According to Sally, they will also lobby for the airfield to be included on the President’s Trophy Air Race itinerary.

Anders believes that the Municipality, which owns the airfield, can only benefit from a functioning infrastructure, that is also a source of future income.

He foresees that commuting business owners and professionals outside Prince Albert would bring tax revenue to the town. At the time of going to print, the Municipal Council had not yet made a final decision on the proposals put to them by Sally and Anders.

Both Sally, whose father Pat Arnold flew her to school in Bloemfontein in a Piper 6 from their farm near Colesberg, and Anders, who flies his own 2-seater Piper Cub SE-IDA from his farm in south Sweden, see the reactivation of the airstrip as a fulfilment of a dream and their contribution to the business and leisure activities of Prince Albert.

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