Saturday, February 28, 2009

BADISA expands its social services

- Linda Jaquet -

In the weeks ahead BADISA Prince Albert is to increase its services to the communities in the Prince Albert Municipal area. It is opening its fifth soup kitchen for needy youngsters in Prince Albert which will provide daily lunches to over 100 learners at Hoërskool Zwartberg.

“A generous grant from the Western Cape Department of Social Development and the continuing support of townsfolk and organisations like the Thursday Group has made this possible,” Dave Rennie, who serves on BADISA’s management committee, told the Friend.

He pointed out that BADISA already operates four soup kitchens in Prince Albert and Leeu-Gamka twice a week throughout the summer and winter months and one each in Klaarstroom and Prince Albert Road. “In time, BADISA intends to increase the number of days on which the soup kitchens run. The beneficiaries will be expanded to include the elderly and those in dire need,” he said.

Children who benefit from the soup kitchens will in future be registered in a sensitive manner so that BADISA can build up its database and so increase its social services to the community.

In keeping with the Department of Social Development’s plans to implement skills development and job creation plans more vigorously in our province, BADISA, in conjunction with other NGOs, plans to use its data on the parents of the children, who attend the soup kitchens, to facilitate this process.

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