Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feestyd is om die draai! - It’s (nearly) festival time!

Harvest time draws near once more as we eagerly anticipate fresh and fruity oil and plump black and green fruit from this wonderful gift of nature – the olive tree. It is time to come together, welcome old and new friends to our town and embrace them with our celebrated Prince Albert hospitality.

The Prince Albert Town & Olive Festival takes place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 May 2009.

Die olyftak is ‘n universele simbool van vrede en goedgesindheid. Ook hier in Prince Albert wil ons seker maak dat almal deel is van die fees. Kom vier ons opwindende dorp en almal se harde werk wat die oestyd ‘n sukses maak.

The olive branch is also the lifeblood of this wonderful tree, given so generously for us mortals to enjoy its rich green gold oil and plump shiny fruit to embellish our culinary creations. Let us celebrate all of this together and fill our streets with good food, festivities and goodwill.

We are expecting some very exciting entertainment this year and are hoping to bring the South African National Circus School to the town for two full shows as well as some fantastic street entertainment, with mime artists, fire eaters, stilt walkers and more.

The Muscle Cars will parade through the town showing off their growly engines and shiny wheels. The Jazz Art Dance Company is set to delight us with a spectacle of light, fantasy and dance involving some of the children of Prince Albert.

Our very own Brian Finch will most surely have something wonderful up his sleeve, and we will give a very warm welcome to Dave Ferguson as he mesmerises us with his harmonica and some Rockabilly Blues.
Kerkstraat sal weer eens vol stalletjies wees. Ons wil graag hê dat al die Prince Alberters hulle wonderlike kooktalent kom tentoonstel. So kom kry ‘n stalletjie en wys ons waartoe julle in staat is! Stalletjies is nog beskikbaar teen slegs R200.00 (sonder elektrisiteit) en R400.00 (met elektrisiteit) vir ons plaaslike inwoners. Hierdie dorp is propvol talent; kom wys ons wat julle kan doen!

There will also be the usual games and activities, arts and crafts, unusual shops and fabulous restaurants. Local storytellers will fascinate with tales of ghosts and tales of yesteryear and you can hear about the fascinating archaeology and botany of the region from our local experts.

There will be many more activities, some theatre, music and much that still needs to be confirmed. We will do our best to keep you updated as we go along. In the meantime, get those aprons on, start cooking, making, composing, writing or thinking. And most importantly, do not miss this opportunity to experience true Prince Albert magic.

Ons verwelkom ook enige idees oor hoe ons die fees nog beter kan maak. Kontak ons gerus by die Toerisme Kantoor.

A full programme of events will be available from mid-April.

More information about Prince Albert, the upcoming festival and accommodation is available from the Prince Albert Tourism Office. Tel 023-5411-366 and

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