Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prince Albert Garden Club Rewards Local Gardeners

- Linda Jaquet -

The highlight on the Garden Club’s calendar is its annual garden competition, which was held later than usual last year.

In November, a team of judges spent two days looking at gardens and giving marks for a range of criteria, which included an emphasis on food gardens, water-wise gardening, recycling and pavement gardens. The prize ceremony was held on 11 February at the Bejaardesorgsentrum.

For the first time, the competition included the category, “Highly Commended”, to recognise the efforts of new gardeners and inspire others to take gardening more seriously. The winner was Mrs F Visagie, with Howard Tippendale and Maria Pienaar in second and third place, respectively.

The other categories were based on neighbourhood demarcations. In Bergsig, the winning garden was that of Clara Afrika, followed by Anna Umbraal’s and Hendrik Skaarnek’s gardens.

This year judges felt that one garden in Rondomskrik deserved a prize, which was awarded to Mrs N Hendriks.

The remaining prize-winners were Isabel and Sara Kammies, Maggie Jafta, J J Pienaar, Amy Wanie, Arie Pieterse and Lena Ontong. For the second year in a row, Maggie Jafta won the accolade for the best garden overall.

The Garden Club wishes to thank the individuals and organisations that donated so generously towards the prizes:

  • Marlene Knowles,
  • the Prince Albert Municipality,
  • Prince Albert Tourism Office,
  • Prince of Africa,
  • The Lazy Lizard,
  • Swartberg Arms,
  • Merino Butchery,
  • Home Hardware,
  • National Garage,
  • Prins-Kem,
  • Lewis Stores,
  • Lah-Di-Dah,
  • Karoo Slaghuis.

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