Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Dog Party

There was great excitement at our house the other day. It was our Mom’s birthday and she decided to invite some ladies and dogs who sometimes come to stay when their parents go away.

My name is Frikkie and I joined the household only recently. Most people call her “die katvrou” or the Dog Lady but to us she is just Mom Henriette. Anyway, when we woke up that morning Mom told us to behave like angels that day. So we all got very busy helping her to tidy up but she said we were not doing a good job because we didn’t put our toys and bones where she wanted them. Eventually, she gave up on us and we lot decided to do what we do best – causing mischief and lolling about.

Our friend Miki Senekal and Riempie Ohlson-Joubert came the previous day. Zoe Southern sent a message that she couldn’t make it because she had another engagement, while Patch and Jabu Jaquet said they were too busy getting ready for their visit later that week.

And then it was four o’ clock and all these ladies started arriving, and brought us presents too! There were tins of food and biscuits and pellets. And there was this lady on a funny red thing with wheels and she said she was Patch’s and Jabu’s grandma. We really wanted to check out this thing but then Fred Bassett Penfold arrived with his mom and dad. I’d not met him before but he apparently stayed here a while ago after being rescued from a horrible life. And he looked so good with his yellow scarf.

We really were on our best behaviour. Fred’s dad was great because almost all of us got a turn to sit on his lap and get a good scratch! And this other lady, Penny, sat down on the stoep to give us all a cuddle. There were nine of us and about 19 ladies and Fred’s dad and there were all these cakes and things. Mom said she had a special treat for us. We were so good, sitting in front of her like little angels while each got a treat.

Everybody seemed to be having fun because there was a lot of laughter. By bedtime that evening we were positively exhausted and I was dreaming of riding on that funny red thing with wheels.

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