Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fred Basset in Contemplation

Ain’t life grand! Here I am, reclining on my brocade couch, not a care in the world. Just had a lovely lunch of mutton and rice, with watermelon as dessert. I spit those pips out you know!

Anyway, I was having a chat with my old chum, Nigel, the other day. I went for a visit. The poor bugger is so unhappy and confused. His owner used to love him to bits, but he must have done something wrong. Okay, so he did overturn the rubbish bin a while ago, but he was just so hungry. And his kitty friend, Scrooge, is locked up in a tiny bungalow and he doesn’t know how often she gets food.

He says he sometimes hears her call but he can’t do anything. So we’ve decided to devise a plan to get them freed. Nigel did try chewing through the rope but then his owner saw him and gave him a terrible beating.

I’m going to try and visit him this afternoon and take a bite to eat.

Oh goody, here comes Misty the poodle. I haven’t seen her in ages. She’s probably been to Plet for a trim and pedicure. She goes regularly, you know. She sure looks pretty with her diamond-studded collar.

Ain’t life complicated! Some of us totally adored and others tied up with hardly any food or water.

Fred Basset was rescued by the Prince Albert police last year. His former owner has been charged with animal neglect.

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