Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ratepayers – Alive and Well

- Hugh Forsyth -

The Ratepayers Association committee has now met three times and is getting direction. Several matters of interest have been discussed and plans laid for constructive work in the near future, including more contact with the North End where the vast majority of residents are ratepayers. It is also pleasing to note that membership is growing steadily.

Do you think that non-property owning residents should be included in the Association if they have been resident for at least six months? Is there sufficient progress being made in solving the problem of “Unaccountable Accounts” and are queries being dealt with in a satisfactory manner? Is the water supply to this town, including household water, being managed efficiently and correctly? Does the Municipality have enough technical expertise to perform its daily tasks plus a varied range of projects? These are some of the questions asked with worrying frequency, and your Association intends dealing with them.

The Municipal Manager, Juanita Fortuin, must be praised for her honest and brave invitation – “Please Complain.” (PA Friend, January 2010) Such a clear indication of willingness to co-operate and put right what is wrong is indeed welcome. The Committee looks forward to working with Ms Fortuin in order to improve service delivery to the satisfaction of every Prince Alberter.

Would anybody disagree that in some areas there is much scope for improvement?

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