Sunday, August 31, 2008

BADISA opens two more soup kitchens

- Linda Jaquet -

On Friday, 15 August, BADISA launched two more soup kitchens in Prince Albert, bringing the total in the town to four.

The two original soup kitchens have been providing a wholesome meal to 600 children in Rondomskrik and at the Bejaardesorg Sentrum every Tuesday and Friday for the last few years.

The two new centres will serve needy children in “Die Gatjie” and in the neighbourhood commonly referred to as “Die Blink Hokke”.

About two hundred youngsters and their families attended the launch at the Bejaardesorgsentrum. They were welcomed by BADISA Chairperson, Dawid Rossouw, who reminded them of how of much hard work behind the scenes goes into the soup kitchens and of the important role played by the twenty volunteers who take turns to run the kitchens.

A special round of applause was reserved for the “Three Musketeers”, Sarah Morris, Christine Cupido and Marie Stroebel, who volunteer at the kitchens every week.

BADISA community worker, Rozanne Spogter, confirmed to the Friend that the decision to open further soup kitchens reflected growing hardship in Prince Albert, which she associated with the rise in food prices across the country.

Deputy Mayor Magdalena Benjamin, in a speech read on her behalf, pointed to the fact that even before the current economic difficulties, the Central Karoo had been declared one of the most impoverished areas in the country. She called on everyone to become doers and not just talkers and to make the choice about how they wanted to contribute to helping the most needy in the community. In closing, BADISA’s Ilze Koorts thanked the Department of Social Services which funds the soup kitchens and donors such as the Thursday group for their ongoing and much-needed support.

Soup kitchens were also opened in Prince Albert Road and Klaarstroom in August. Leeu-Gamka’s soup kitchen will be launched on 4 September.

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