Sunday, August 31, 2008

Strange Wanderings around the Town

Have you been wondering what teams of Prince Alberters are doing, walking the streets of the town in teams, standing and discussing every building? It is work–in–progress towards updating the survey last done in 1995 to record the heritage significance of the town's built environment.

The Heritage Resources Act of 1999 requires every local authority to carry out the identification and management of what is termed the 'national estate' within its area of responsibility. The Prince Albert Cultural Foundation has been given the task by the municipal council to carry out a heritage inventory for the whole of Prince Albert within the urban edge, including North End. Ultimately, the heritage survey will extend beyond the urban area to include the entire municipal area of Prince Albert. At that stage, Klaarstroom and Leeu-Gamka and outlying farms will also be surveyed for their heritage significance.

Did you know that Prince Albert has 13 proclaimed national monuments, and 18 gabled buildings? A worthy start, but there are many more buildings worthy of being on the heritage register. You would be very welcome to participate in this heritage survey, and would get to know why Prince Albert occupies such a unique place amongst Karoo towns, many of which have not rated their built environments highly enough, and have permitted inappropriate development. The growth and development of Prince Albert will be more competently served once the heritage survey is complete.

Contact persons:
Judy Maguire 023 5411713
and Derek Thomas 023 5411492

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