Sunday, August 31, 2008

From Camelot to Ketelbey

-Peter Mc Ewan-

An evening of nostalgic music and song from around the world will be presented by Chrisna and Peter on the 13th September at 18h00 at the Jans Rautenbach Schouwburg, 12 De Beer Street.

From Handel’s World of the Raging Nations (so what’s changed?) to the Highlands of Scotland, we start our travels to the South of England and King Arthur’s Legendary Camelot.

Or would you rather cross to the New World and join the first settlers in their discovery of the magnificent and wide Missouri River?

One can also look back and remember when we were young and could dance the whole night away to the village band with maids and bachelors or perhaps gentlemen of the road just passing through. Or how about visiting the warm and languid islands of the South Pacific?

We experience the magic of the European composers of the 19th century skilfully brought to us by the fingers of our very own concert pianist Chrisna Smit.

She’ll be playing works by Friedrich Burg Müller, Edward McDowell, Chopin and Albert Ketèlbey.

We are negotiating the appearance of a mystery Persian dancer. How can we play Ketèlbey without one?

If you enjoyed our last concert then this one is definitely not to be missed.

Tickets are available at R50 per person from the Tourism Office.

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