Friday, October 30, 2009

Art Rules, OK!

- Imke Maeyer-

On 7 October, Hoërskool Zwartberg hosted, yes… another fundraiser. Boring one might think, but thirty-five enthusiastic Prince Albert residents braved the chill to attend the school’s second Kuns- en Kosaand and went on to contribute over R13 000 towards the school’s fundraising efforts.

And what an evening it was! The art classroom’s walls were hung from top to bottom with Zwartberg’s art, while a section of the room was dedicated to Christine Thomas's art students’ work. Scattered throughout were wonderful items and artworks,donated by generous locals. I would love to mention them all, but the list is too long. Suffice to say: “Support local businesses, they make it possible for institutions like our school to keep operating!

All items were ready to fall under the hammer and Mark Steyn set the evening rolling with his well known jovial auctioneering style. Ourreached deep into their pockets. The starting bid on the children’s artworks was set at R20, not because we thought they were not worth more, but because we were hoping that parents would attend and want to buy their children’s art. paintings were of superb quality, and we felt that we should be sharing this with everybody! If children develop a sense for art at school-going age, the world must surely turn into a better place for them?

They can be creative and become entrepreneurs without needing to wait in vain for help from others!

The highest amount paid for a single item was R2 500 for a painting donatedClive Heyne, followed by a cookery course donated by African Relish. In total, we earned a whopping R13 400, which goes a long way towards the R225 000 we need to raise this year in order to keep employing our precious teachers.

Itoverwhelming to feel so supportedour, from donors to patrons - in some cases the donors were also the patrons - and I would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you also to those who gave of their time and money to make sure that there was enough food and drinks to keep everybody happy!

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