Friday, October 30, 2009

Prince Albert Tops the Billing

- Jeremy Freemantle -

The famous Prince Albert magic has done its work again, and this time on national television with Top Billing and the effervescent Reza Mahammad – broadcast on SABC 3 on 8 October. As he wafted through the village, charming everyone as he went, the cameras caught some magic moments of our local personalities, cheese makers, winemakers, bakers and chefs, giving viewers an insight to our community.

The Saturday Market was a delight to behold and everyone came out in numbers to showcase Prince Albert’s fantastic produce, much to the delight of Reza and the crew. The programme created a great deal of interest and a number of businesses have already had enquiries from people who watched the show.

The marketing mileage and positive spin off from such exposure should never be underestimated and Prince Albert will undoubtedly benefit greatly as a tourism destination by attracting greater numbers of people and creating a broader awareness of what the village has to offer.

Prince Albert does enjoy a great deal of publicity, both in the printed and electronic media and there have been a number of feature articles recently in mainstream magazines and interviews on radio as well as TV coverage.

This bodes well for the future of tourism development and the growthof tourism in Prince Albert and the region as a whole.

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