Friday, October 30, 2009

Prince Albert Netball Team Comes Up Tops

On Saturday, 10 October, the Prince Albert Netball team hosted a long awaited regional netball tournament. The tournament was a great success and exceeded our wildest expectations, but we learned too that success often means overcoming obstacles and disappointment; at the same time we made the best of the opportunities presented to us.

In total, four teams competed to be crowned as netball’s finest. With support from our manager, Vanessa Lottering, we triumphed and took our rightful first place, Merweville came second, the Innercity team came third and Klaarstroom, fourth.
We thank everyone who participated and those who made a contribution, whether it was a donation or coming along and supporting our team. A special word of thanks from the team to Vanessa and our captain, Lorraine Jantjies, for the hard work and effort they put into making the tournament a success and for also being good support systems and motivators.

We would also like to thank those who disappointed us, because through the disappointment we grew closer and stronger as a team.

We also want to raise awareness and stress that sport should be about the passion and love for the game and it should not be violent, and should be a-political. Once again from the Prince Albert Netball team, thank you to all our supporters.

If you would like to join us, we practise from Monday to Thursday at 17h00 at the Odendaal Sports Grounds.

For more information, please call Lorraine on 0781114280.

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