Friday, October 30, 2009

Mosaic Workshop Sparks Creativity

-Zelia Mullins-

Ten Prince Alberters recently acquired some new and exciting creative skills when they attended a mosaic workshop presented by Carolyn Wilter of Johannesburg at the home of John and Sonja Mckenna in Klip Street. I was somewhat hesitant about attending the workshop as I do not have a creative bone in my body; however, Sonja assured me that being artistic or creative was not a pre-requisite to learning the art of mosaic.

On arrival Carolyn immediately put us at ease. She showed us how to use a pair of tile nippers and to nip bits and pieces off tiles into a desired shape and size. After a few practice “nips” it was time to get started on our respective projects but not before enjoying a refreshing cup of tea with muffins and scones courtesy of Sonja.

Carolyn had various templates available for us to choose from. Some chose to mosaic a mirror, others a lovely hen and one person chose to do a house number. Sonja and John kept up our energy levels by supplying us with a delicious lunch and glass of wine and then it was back to the drawing board. Needless to say, time flew by amid friendly banter and a few curses when the desired shape was not quite achieved. The whole experience was very relaxing and therapeutic and I found it to be very rewarding.

At last the great works of art were completed, admired and photographed over a cup of tea and slice of cake! I think most of us felt really quite pleased with our accomplishments and these can be seen hanging proudly in our homes.

I would like to thank Carolyn for making the workshop so enjoyable and Sonja for organising the workshop and providing us with the scrumptious meals and refreshments. Last but definitely not least a big thank you to John Mckenna for being at the beck and call of ten women, which admittedly, could not have been that easy!

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