Friday, December 14, 2007

Business is Business

- Jo Long -

They do not yet have a name for the Prince Albert business women’s forum – some call it the “Sally Army” as in the Salvation Army, and others “the Daughters of the Revolution” – but the forum came into being earlier this year, and, since then, have had some encouraging achievements.

Not least of these is the successful lobbying of Vodacom/MTN to acquire 3G technology for the town, thus providing faster internet and communication access, and promised to be installed by Christmas.

The forum is open to all women in the town who are involved with or have a business in Prince Albert, no matter how large or small.

The aim is to promote and develop business enterprise by providing a motivational platform for enterprising women and:-

  • To share knowledge and ideas to help members’ businesses.
  • To assist and encourage mutual help between members.
  • To create and maintain a database of available skills in Prince Albert.
  • To identify training and employment opportunities in Prince Albert.
  • To assist with the identification of marketing opportunities and facilities to promote members’ businesses.

Meetings are held every eight weeks – the next one is on 13th December from 7pm to 9pm at the conference room in the Jans Rautenbach Schouwburg at 12 De Beer Street.

At this meeting there will be two speakers including Berti Akersten who has many years experience as a coach/trainer in the corporate world. They will inspire and inform the audience on the subjects of mentoring, and how to market your business more effectively.

The forum is currently working on several initiatives including the compilation of a database setting out all the different skills townsfolk have in PA, and a “yellow pages” directory of services and trades people.

In addition, some of the women are in discussion with the town’s Skills Trust as well as schools, to investigate ways that they can provide work experience and skills training for young people.

This is an open invitation for all women with a commercial interest in the town.

For more information, please contact:
Sally Arnold sally[@]
Jo Long longs[@]

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