Friday, December 14, 2007

In Memoriam Denzil Leslie Reid - 1946 to 2007

- Romy Mathews -

Denzil Reid passed away in October after a short illness.

Some of us in Prince Albert will remember Denzil for his willingness to respond to pleas of help regarding accounting problems. His calm yet cheerful manner did much to assist those with debit/credit brain malfunction!

He was treasurer of the Prince Albert Tourism Office and will be sorely missed by both Zelia and Chantelle as he was always only a phone call away.

Others of us think of Denzil in his Karoo garden, where in a very short time, he worked the stony barrenness into a little green and pretty oasis. He loved Prince Albert and the vast openness of the Great Karoo and was certainly very happy during the time he lived here.

Our condolences go to Shireen and his family. We will miss him, too. May he rest in peace.

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