Friday, December 14, 2007

Provincial Minister Opens New Klaarstroom Library

- Jeremy Witts-Hewinson -

Dramatic events in Klaarstroom drew the Provincial Minister of Arts, Culture and Sport’s attention on Saturday, 17 November – for all the right reasons!

The Klaarstroom community was in a celebratory mood in the community hall to welcome and entertain Minister Jacobs who visited the village to open the recently completed public library.

A vibrant dance performance by the local school children was followed by an entertaining address of thanks by Mr. Charles Arries, a local voluntary Community Worker. Mr Arries drew rapturous applause when he suggested that Minister Jacobs, as a visiting minister, is fortunate not to be the Minister of Housing - a light-hearted reference to the current housing crisis in Klaarstroom.

Prince Albert’s Mayor, Mr Andrew Claassen, was also complimented for coming to Klaarstroom, despite the recent rumpus following the debate around the housing issue. Special praise was reserved for Mr April Pienaar, Klaarstroom’s councillor who was noted for working tirelessly in the interests of Klaarstroom’s community.

Councillor Pienaar made a special request to the regional Librarian Mr Pieter Hugo and the Minister to use their influence to allow the mobile library used in Klaarstroom to date to be re-located to North End in Prince Albert for use in the school holidays.

Mr. Pienaar related the sheer joy to be experienced, particularly by the school children, now that book lovers will be able to walk into a real library, rather than wait in a queue in a small office to choose books from a closed trolley!

After a rousing rendition of the National Anthem, Klaarstroomers followed the dignitaries to the entrance of the Library to witness the unveiling of the brass plaque commemorating the occasion.

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