Friday, December 14, 2007

Running IS Fun

- Linda Jaquet -

Twenty-two teams of enthusiastic Prince Alberters of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness turned out for the Zwartberg Runners’ first and very successful Fun Relay on Thursday evening, 8 November. That’s quite an achievement for a club that is only a few months old.

Four runners in every team had to run – or puff and pant - two kilometres each on a closed-off section of Church Street between the Lazy Lizard and Koggelmander. They were cheered on by their noisy team mates and a large group of bystanders, who revelled in the fun atmosphere. The SAPS entered four teams, Zwartberg Hoërskool was well-represented by its teachers and learners, employees of various businesses participated despite a hard day’s work and there were a good number of family teams. A team of cyclists, the Forty-plusers, even joined in!

In the end, Petrus Bostander of the Zwartberg Runners, his own one-man relay team, ran in an easy winner, followed by the Dangerous Municipality and Hoërskool Zwartberg in third place. A lucky draw after the race meant that there were prizes galore for the tired, but happy, participants, no matter where they came.

Thank you to the SAPS for their assistance on the evening and to all the sponsors and everyone involved in organising the event.

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