Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cross-country runners train in style!

- Abigail Modra -

Zwartberg Runners’ first term of cross-country training at Hoërskool Zwartberg has gone very well, so we celebrated at the last two sessions by doing something different.

On one session, we ran a mini-relay and at the next, we did different exercises at three stations along our route. For instance, at the first station we did push-ups, then we leopard-crawled (crawled backwards) to the next station where we did Pilates or Yoga exercises. Everyone had a lot of fun.

We are going to have even more fun on Saturday, 27 September, when all of the regular cross-country runners who have been coming faithfully will be rewarded by going to the Oudtshoorn 5km Fun Challenge.

Maybe we will bring back some medals and trophies to encourage us to persevere with our training!

Speaking of Saturdays, our Saturday morning run is still on the go and for many of our runners it is the highlight of our week. It is a lot easier to run a longer run when the countryside is so beautiful and when everyone is cheering you on!

The Meiringspoort 21.1km is coming up in October and if you haven't run that distance yet but would like to try, then this is the run for you! It is easy running along the smooth, flat tar road which is mainly in shade.

There is also a 10km for those not quite ready to tackle a half marathon. Entry forms are available at the Lazy Lizard, go and get yours now and start training!

To all our faithful runners: thank you, we really appreciate your support and hope you have enjoyed your time with us so far.

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