Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hoërskool Zwartberg’s Budding Artists

- Imke Maeyer -

On Thursday, 24 September, an auction of children’s art was held at Hoërskool Zwartberg, with auctioneer of note, Mark Steyn! It was a combined effort of the school and the children’s art classes by Christine Thomas. As with so many events held by the School, this was an effort to raise much-needed funds and as always, we were astounded at the generosity and support of the people of the town!

In addition to the children’s art, we were given various other items to auction by Lenor Snyman and Sheila Coutividis, Sally Arnold, Di Steyn, Trudy Brain, Gideon Engelbrecht and Avoova , Karoo Slaghuis, Willem Freysen, Swartrivier Olive farm, the Tourism Office, Gordon’s Drink Store and Prince of Africa, Gay’s Dairy, Ailsa Tudhope and Rudi Maeyer.

All helped to earn the school R11 500, but the main focus of the evening was the children’s art, which was of a remarkably high standard. Art is often a forgotten subject at schools and has to take a back seat to the more academic subjects and sport. Yet for a holistic education, it is vital and complements academic subjects perfectly and improves the learning and performance abilities of children. For a start, it allows a child a little more physical movement than just sitting at a desk and a lot more freedom to use their imagination than any other subject. That is an important part of any person’s development.

It was a joy to look around the art classroom with bold colour radiating off every wall and in the middle of the room, the sleeker ink drawings by the Matric students. The children have every reason to be proud as they have helped in a very big way to earn funds for the School and Christine’s art fund. More importantly they were willing to show the town the wonderful art that they have been quietly producing in the last year. Whether their paintings sold or not, should not be an issue. Every painting speaks to a different person in a different way. We know that next time we will have a wider audience and more parents will join in the fun and bid on their children’s art works.

The art teachers have equal reason to be proud. Lenor Snyman teaches grades 4 to 9 at Hoërskool Zwartberg and with precious little time, she has managed to produce a huge variety of children’s work and also teach the children to love the subject. Diana Koorts and Bianca Marais of grades 2 and 3 worked like troopers and let their children get down and dirty with yummy, messy paint to produce their wonderful offerings.

Di Steyn is dedicated to her high school learners, giving them huge amounts of her time, knowledge and energy to help them sail through Matric in this very labour intensive subject (not for sissies!) Christine Thomas teaches art to any child of 12 or 13, who wants to learn. She quietly, without pomp or ceremony, volunteers her time every Wednesday afternoon to a mix of children from Hoërskool Zwartberg and Prince Albert Primêr. Her lessons are a highlight in many a child’s week!

The starting price of all the paintings was R30 and as soon as more than one person was interested in a specific painting, the bidding began. It was not "just another school function” and could certainly turn into an annual event. Thank you to those parents who filled our tables with delicious food and donated their time to make the evening a success; and to Gordon’s Drink Store for sponsoring the liquid refreshments!

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