Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Residents Rally to Support Hoërskool Zwartberg

- Lesley van Heerden, Teacher -

Recently the Sunday Times ran headline news about the ongoing struggle that South African private and public schools have in their efforts to meet the rising costs of education. Across the board, they all experience a lack of funds and input both from parents and the Education Department is inadequate. Reading the article, I was cheered to think of the kindness of the Prince Albert villagers and their wonderful response to the local High School’s call for help.

In June when we held our “Zwartberg Hoër” financial needs awareness evening and invited villagers to attend, we exposed this year’s very real monetary shortfall of R60 000. In the three months that have followed our evening together, we have generously received donations of almost a quarter of that shortfall. A special “thank you” to all who love our youngsters and village and have contributed to easing the school’s financial strain.

We have been somewhat slow at getting our donation tins properly placed but these are now to be found at several shops and restaurants around the village.

A number of villagers have come forward and sponsored individual learners’ school fees. They have extended their offer into the next school year.

This is greatly appreciated as by simply sponsoring a child (and we have about 200 that could be sponsored!) and paying a lesser monthly amount, our budgeting is more accurate and the benefits are felt immediately.

All the “My School” card application forms were processed on-line. Should you have given us an application form and not received your card yet, could you please let Hendrika van Onselen at the School know and we will follow it up immediately.

We all appreciate the need to have a healthy and happy high school and we thank you for your investment in our Prince Albert youth!

For more information contact Hendrika van Onselen at 023 5411 570.

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