Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Married (at last): Karoo style!

-Kerrigan Speirs-

A cold and windy winter took a backseat on the 13th September as JP du Toit and Lindsay Speirs exchanged their vows under a blazing Karoo sun. The Cape Town couple chose Prince Albert as their wedding venue for their love of the Karoo and their ties to the town: JP’s father has family in Prince Albert (his cousin is Johan Blom), as does Lindsay – her brother Lance and uncle Dr Pete.

Our town’s population almost doubled as family and friends from throughout South Africa and as far as the UK came together for the service at St John’s, followed by a fairytale reception at the Skougronde.

Many thanks to Johanna, Madri, Bianca and the rest of the Luttig team for transforming the hall into a golden wonderland and making this such a memorable occasion.

To JP and Lindsay: may your future together be just like your wedding day: full of golden butterflies, surrounded by loving family and friends and filled with happiness and laughter.

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