Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fred Bassett now a Penfold!

- Henriette Liebenberg -

The Bassett Hound who was rescued from the Bush Pub late last year has landed with his butt, or is it mutt, in the butter.

Fred has found a new home with William and Colleen Penfold at the Country Store. And although he is a high maintenance dog, both Colleen and William tend to his daily health routines with love and dedication.

Fred has a heart condition and his eyes and ears need constant care. But as he told the Friend in an exclusive interview, what more could he have asked for? He has two humans who adore and love him and he gets a lot of attention from people visiting the Country Store.
Fred says that he sometimes misses his friends at Henriette’s place where he stayed after being rescued. His former owner has been charged with neglect and will appear in court in February. The Friend hopes to have an update in the next issue.

Fred has thanked everyone who donated money and food during his stay at Henriette’s. He says he would like to invite all for a cuppa but he is still training William and Colleen to see to his every whim! So hang in there folks!

Fred will soon host a regular column in the Friend -Ed.

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