Sunday, January 31, 2010

Traffic Offenders Beware

- Linda Jaquet -

The arrival of Susan Christiaans on 1 February will increase the capacity of the Prince Albert Municipality’s traffic department. Ms Christiaans will be employed on contract until the end of August, when four recently appointed junior officials, currently undergoing training at the Gene Louw Traffic Training College at Brackenfell, will take up their duties in the Municipal area.

The Prince Albert Municipality currently employs three traffic officials who are responsible for policing the Prince Albert Municipal area, covering Klaarstroom, Leeu-Gamka, and Prince Albert Road. This includes the N1 national road.

In March, the traffic department will move into what are now the BADISA offices in the red brick building opposite the OK Grocer. In its new premises the traffic department will be authorised to hold learner driver’s licence tests and issue learner’s licences. The department will also renew driving and PDP licences.

There are plans for the building to become the “transport hub” for the town. It eventually will house the fire department – the City of Cape Town has loaned the Municipality a fire engine and will train the officials who operate it.

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