Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ratepayers Relaunched

- Hugh Forsyth -

On 8 December 2009 the long dormant Prince Albert Ratepayers’ Association (RPA) was relaunched at a well attended meeting in the SPS Luttig Hall at the showgrounds.

Johan Senekal chaired the meeting and after giving some background to the previous Ratepayers’ Association said that it was generally accepted that there was a need for property/home owners to have a voice in matters that concern them in the running of the town, hence the renewed interest in the RPA. The Chamber of Commerce represents business interests and the RPA would represent property/home owners and residents.

Senekal explained that in order to vote in a new committee the constitution of the association required paid-up membership. This requirement resulted in hasty payments with volunteers taking in money and writing out receipts and those who had left their purses at home borrowing twenty bucks from whom they could. In short time over forty ratepayers were eligible to vote.

Nominations for office bearers were taken and the formalities of voting and counting followed. The new RPA committee comprises André Jaquet – chairman, Hugh Forsyth – vice chairman, André Goosen – secretary, Barbara Castle – treasurer, with Stephan Schoeman, Willem Hinkman and Johan Senekal as committee members.

Since then the committee has met twice to discuss operating objectives and functions, and will keep Prince Albert residents informed of progress and matters of interest by means of regular articles in the Friend.

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