Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is going to be hot this Season?

- Linda Jaquet -

There is good news for Prince Albert residents who have been frustrated by the lack of professional advice in our village on technical aspects of house maintenance. Home Hardware is to hold a series of briefings by professionals on different aspects of looking after a house.

As a start, and quite rightly at the beginning of our cold season, Mark Steyn of Home Hardware last week invited Henry Brophy, a technical expert from Kwikot, a geyser manufacturing company in Port Elizabeth, to chat to homeowners, builders, construction workers and other interested parties about the correct installation of geysers.

At the meeting, Brophy passed on very useful tips about how to save money by doing the right things to install and maintain hot water systems. Some of those invited asked how a company in Port Elizabeth could possibly provide proper service to clients in Prince Albert, Brophy described the extensive warranty policy and impressive client backup process Kwikot provided.

More importantly, when Brophy learnt that there are currently no suitably qualified plumbers in Prince Albert, he announced that his company would offer free training to those who were interested.

The gathering was well attended, and valuable information was passed on to those concerned. This meeting was one of many that Home Hardware has arranged in their attempt to plough back into the industry through continuous education. Owner of Home Hardware, Mark Steyn said: “We do not only strive to provide products and services to the Prince Albert community, but also to improve the quality of the workforce that service the local building industry.”

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