Sunday, August 30, 2009

Briewe / Letters

Thanks to all my PA friends

May I take this opportunity to thank the ladies of the Thursday Group for their hearty welcome and get well wishes on returning from Groote Schuur after my successful major coronary operation.

Very special thanks to Pieter and Suzelle Koorts for taking me to Groote Schuur and staying with me, supporting and nursing me, until I could come back to Prince Albert. Surely God will bless them for the great love and unselfish sacrifice they gave me.

So many times in my life I have walked through dark valleys facing and looking at death squarely in the eyes, but the loving hand of God was always there to pull me out.
If everybody on earth denies the presence of a loving God, but for me, admitting being a great sinner, He will always be real because I can feel His deep love for me in my heart.

Reinwald Dedekind

Keep it up, PA Primêr

I have been an enthusiastic reader of the Friend since moving to Prince Albert seven-and-a-half years ago and am delighted that the newspaper is once again carrying news of all that is happening at Prince Albert Primêr.

For a time, a visitor to this town would have been forgiven for believing that Hoërskool Zwartberg was the only school in town. Well done to all the teachers and pupils, who participate in the school’s activities and sporting events and who also take the time to write about them and keep us both informed and entertained.

Dawn Viljoen

Our First-Rate Post Office

Prince Albert should be proud of its Post Office. For not only can it deliver a letter when the address given is incorrect - but it can deliver when the recipient is well, a bitch...

At the beginning of August, my German shepherd dog, Sophie, who has chased almost every car in Prince Albert and retrieved almost every tortoise (gently) at Waterkop, received a letter addressed to her by her registered name Jasmine of Cadeau (with the sketch of a dog on the envelope and containing her pedigree papers). She hasn't read it yet - but one wonders what the postman thought?

Well done, the Post Office!

Cas St Leger

Gemeentefees Word Gemeenskapsfees

Ons Kerkbasaar was ‘n groot sukses en het ons verwagtinge oortref danksy die gemeenskapslojaliteit en goeie beplanning.

Ons doel was om ‘n feestelike atmosfeer te skep en die gunstige landboutoestande, reklame, die langnaweek en ideale weer het baie gehelp. Sonder die dames se bakvernuf en toewyding, die mans se spyseniering en die gaste se ondersteuning kon die fees nie slaag nie

‘n Spesiale dank ook aan die sangers wat ons luisterryk vermaak het, die jeugwerkers wat ons kinders moes trakteer en die kassiere wat tussen vele gepraat somme moes maak.

Volgende jaar maak ons weer so!

Johan Diedericks

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