Sunday, August 30, 2009

SoetKaroo proves “Local is Lekker!”

In 1841 Mr Combrinck built his house at what is today Herman & Susan Perold’s leiwatererf in Kerkstraat. His land comprised 14 morgen and apart from other fruit, he cultivated grapes for making brandy and wine.

One and a half centuries later, Herman planted a small vineyard on the much smaller piece of land. This is the spot that was recently honoured for the good quality wine produced there. To the Perolds’ delight, their SoetKaroo Red Muscat d’Alexandrie 2008 (Red Hanepoot) was judged Top National Red Muscat d’Alexandrie at the Fourth SA Terroir Awards Competition.

The South African Terroir Wine Awards competition is held annually to acknow-ledge wines that best reflect the terroir in which they are produced. “Terroir” refers to the physical attributes of the terrain where wine grapes are grown, such as the soil, water and climate. These factors have a very distinct effect on the wine produced - thus the importance of planting cultivars suited to a specific environment.

The competition is somewhat exclusive, as only wines from single vineyards, estates or specific wards can participate. SoetKaroo qualified to enter the competition as it’s a registered Wine Estate - a unit where grapes are grown, wine made and bottled. The wines were tasted blind and rated by a panel of five judges.

At the award ceremony, Marius Labuschagne, the Terroir project leader said “There are only two red Muscat d’Alexandrie wines in South Africa and the judges insisted that this wine must be awarded for its uniqueness and high quality”. This is the first time a Muscat d’Alexandrie was distinguished in this way, and also a first for the unit geographically furthest North East of the Cape winelands to receive an award.

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