Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let’s Talk to the Animals

- Cas St Leger -

There is no need to dread the upcoming invasion of Prince Albert’s blood-hungry mosquitoes if animal communicator Anna Breytenbach has anything to do with it.

Chuck out that insect spray that “kills ‘em dead” and instead follow Anna’s recipe of co-habitation through communication. This way, the mosquitoes will respect you – and you might even come to love them. Or not…

Anna, the granddaughter of Prince Albert resident, Renee Finn, told a fascinated audience at a well-attended workshop preview talk held at St John’s Church hall at the beginning of August that it was possible to create a bridge between humans and animals via telepathy. She claims to be able to talk to animals using her natural, thought-control abilities. She says her aim is “to help people maximise their relationships with non-human animals and restore a deep relationship with all of life”.

It was while she was in California that she discovered her link to the animal kingdom through a telepathic insight into the animal mind. While tracking coyote spoor there, she discovered she was able to pinpoint the type of animal and its physical condition.
And the method she teaches is simple: just calm the mind in meditation; visualise the dog or cat or wild creature you wish to communicate with, and “send” the message in a form of telepathic e-mail devoid of internet problems.

In this way, you can persuade those pesky mosquitoes to bite but not itch, a dangerous otter terrorising town to cease its slaughter, or discover what a wild animal experiences. She told her listeners of her close encounter with a troop of wild baboons in the Cape, a dragonfly ride and her love of wolves and cheetahs.

There was no charge for Anna’s afternoon talk and donations by the audience raised R500 towards The Manger, a rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and traumatised baboons near Barrydale. Anna's goal is to become the animals’ voice to raise awareness on personal and spiritual levels. A Reiki practitioner, Anna administers healing to animals.

This modern-day, Cape Town-based Dr Dolittle who attended courses in animal communication at the Assissi International Animal Institute Inc in Oakland, California, offers personal guidance, practice and individual coaching in discovering how animals express themselves and how to send messages; how to improve pets’ behaviour and improve training techniques; how to tell when an animal is ill or injured; how to plug into an animal’s thoughts and life; how to use healing therapy; and how to develop closer relationships with the animals encountered.

A two-day workshop will be run in December in the Prince Albert area. Anna Breytenbach can be contacted on 0721114052 or

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