Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas in September

- Sonja Mckenna -

Yes, we are known to do things a little differently in Prince Albert! Christmas in July, yes, so why not in September?

What a treat it was for 30 Prince Alberters to sit down to a full Christmas dinner without having to contend with the heat. The Lazy Lizard clan certainly did themselves proud on the evening of 12 September and proved not only to be superb cooks, but hosts and entertainers too.

Watching them move slickly from one activity to another in a confined space was entertainment itself. One moment we were sitting in Baker Street listening to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson solving a diabolical crime, the next, the same area was transformed into a buffet area with a splendid spread of traditional Christmas fare.

And so it went on throughout the evening, moving from song to theatre to more song then to dessert. Time flew and sadly the evening came to an end. What a talented bunch those Patchwork Theatre youngsters are! I hope there were some of those delicious roast potatoes left over for them; they more than deserved them.

Congratulations, Lazy Lizard! Sherlock Holmes would have been proud of you. Your Christmas in September and the reason for holding it were far from being “elementary.”

The evening raised nearly R7000 towards a fund to assist Richard Rein-ders cover his medical bills.

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